About Me

Who I am

My name is Ryan, and I like to tinker with video games and video game consoles. I also like coffee. Every since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated with computers and video games. Growing up I spent a lot of time making maps and mods for various video games I owned, and eventually progressed to writing my own map editors and mod tools. During my college years I advanced on to hacking game console operating systems and programming CPLDs. Over the years as my programming and reverse engineering skills advanced I decided to post my stories and adventures on this blog for others to see and learn from.

What I’m Doing

Currently I am working as a security analyst. I hope to one day switch paths into video game design, or perhaps creating electronic devices that could revolutionize the way we live today. In my spare time I continue to work on my various projects and research endeavors and post the results here. Everything from mod tools to security research on gaming consoles, if I find it interesting and think it’s worth posting you will find it here.

My Work

I like to think some of my work is worth something, but I’m not going to charge anyone for the tools or research. Instead, I ask that if you find something on the site that you like you can help fuel my coffee addiction, and buy me a cup of coffee! Located on the Donations page is a list of various types of coffee that I enjoy at the local coffee shops in my area. If you like my work or found information or tools useful, consider buying me a cup of coffee as a thank you! The more coffee I have, the faster I can do my work.


Email: [email protected]